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Karla Klimošková


kaja-foto111.jpgAbout me
My name is Karla Klimošková and I was born on October 13, 1984 in Krnov (Czech Republic). This time I live in a village on Osoblažsko called Liptaň. Since 1992 I was attending the Primary School of Art in Město Albrechtice where Mr. Jaroslav Hrubý was my teacher. I used to attend the school till 2000. During these years I participated in many competitions of Art which were organized by the Czech Republic and by another countries as well (e. x. Poland, the United States of America). I have gotten many awards in the competitions of Art. After the Primary School I was attending the Private High School of Art in Ostrava, speciality „The Art processing of precious metals and stones“. There I was  learning to make the standard jewelry and also the jewelry according to my own design at the school. The teachers of drawing, painting and molding were Mr. Petr Sedlík and Academic painter Josef Růžička. When I finished the High School I started to study at the University of Ostrava in Ostrava, speciality „The Management for public sector (later renamed: The Management for non-profit sector)“ where I was studing till 2008. During this time I was attending the evening lessons of drawing by PhDr. Ondřej Vorel from the Pedagogical faculty of University of Ostrava under the terms of  selective subjects. There we were drawing the nudes in the evening lessons. I also tried a graphic technique called etching in these evening lessons of drawing. Now I work in the Home Office and I go in for arts in my free time.
Competitions, awards, exhibitions
  •       Special award for the theme „The Education to healthy life style“ Katowice 1998
  •       Publisher Albatros – the Award for a winner 1998/99
  •       Certificate of Achievement in the Sister Cities International Art Competition 1999
  •       Memorial certificate for the theme „Young people are not alone in the world...“  Bruntál 1999
  •       Special award for a well done art work at the International children´s art competition LIDICE 99
  •       Certificate of Achievement in the Sister Cities International Art Competition 2000
  •       Diploma for the art competition Country of the old man Praděd 2001
  •       Krnov MIKS 2000 (the exhibition)
  •       Cultural House in Liptaň 2000, 2001, 2002 (the exhibitions)
  •       ČT Television Club in Ostrava 2001, 2002, 2005 (the exhibitions)
  •       Poland, Prudnik city 2001, 2005 (the exhibitions)
  •       Continual exhibition at the castle in Slezské Rudoltice and in the gallery „Ateliér Drak“ in Liptaň since 2003